July 11, 2024

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#Love: Man slaps his girlfriend before proposing to her.

#Love: Man slaps his girlfriend before proposing to her.

Everyday we see different technique of proposal. Men now disguise it in the most unexpected manner to surprise the woman.

A man cause stir in the internet on how he proposed to his woman. Unlike others his own took place in his compound and his neighbors were watching.

The man who caused a little scene that attracted people. His neighbours were trying to find out what is going wrong.

The young man slapped his girlfriend in their front. The lady who was surprised and hurt reiterated by holding him in his shirt. She left him few seconds later and complained to the neighbors.

She was shocked by his action and expressed her feelings. She asked him, who gave him want the took and why he is behaving in that manner.

While wondering and trying to contain the shock the young man knelt to propose to her. The lady on seeing it was all a prank to propose became over excited and hugged him.

love is such a wonderful thing, I hope you find your. come to think of it, if you are the lady what will u do when the man slapped you? Drop comment because I feel it is not all ladies that this prank can work on

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