June 12, 2024

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#Photostory: Vantage Height Capital Official Launch Was A Total Success

#Photostory: Vantage Height Capital Official Launch Was A Total Success

The official launching of Vantage Height Capital was a total success as more than 100 delegates were in attendance and gained more than they bargained for.

The CEO of Vantage Height Capital Mr. Jamie Pajoel took put his time to educate and share his journey so far, especially with his years of groundbreaking experience and amazing results, to the younger generation through the delegates.

According to his words, Mr. Pajoel advised the delegates to never despise the days of little beginning because eventually with constituency,  the dots will connect and when they connect, they will connect backward not forward. Before you can find out what must be you must question that which has been.

The present situation is like the backstage where preparations are made for the Stage, which is where the performance takes place.

He went further to explain that it’s time we get up and say “not in my time”

Between confidence and conviction is consistency. In war, silence is not a strategy but engagement. Repetition is the only way we gain mastery.

Always have a Strategy, because Strategic thinking is in high demand, competition is no longer local, it is global and for you to become a strategic thinker you must create your own atmosphere.
The first thing you need to take over a territory is your mind.  What God will use to create a wow moment for you is the same thing you are doing but in a different approach.

The likes of Barr. Ndidi, Mr. Ajah Excel,  Mr. Innocent, Mrs. Jane, Mr. Ikechukwu, Mc Tboy, Jude Jaycee, Quingist, Pst Donald, Pst Chukwudi, Sunrise, Daniel, Jety, Fifi and many others were in attendance

It was indeed a delegate of those that care about the future

I learnt a lot and I believe others did, I pray of of these kind of seminars are held for us to keep growing and meeting those Powerful and Interesting to help us grow one another.

See pictures here???

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