June 13, 2024

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#BusinessAffairs 101: Business Keys

#BusinessAffairs 101: Business Keys

A few days ago, I Logged into the blue app and I got to discover that someone was selling what the Holy Bible calls “The key of David”. What got me was the fact that the keys were said to be sold at a whopping hundred thousand bucks.


Well, if keys are being sold for that huge amount, I want to sell mine to get my own money.

I know you want to sell your own too?
Well, the only key to wealth is knowledge and when the key is used, the door to wealth responds accordingly.

I’ll be dropping the keys that the “ANGEL”, EXPERIENCE sent me over the months.
One of the keys to profit is IDEAS.

Every idea is a solution to a problem. It is also said that Ideas rule the world. A friend of mine had a need. It was a need for food at the time. When he saw that the three of us in the form had the same need, he coerced us into thinking about solutions to our needs. Finally, when we got a workable solution, we tried it and as it worked, my friend who made us think and hit our brains hard, took a bigger portion of the food.

It should be worthy of note that, ideas can be accessed through deep thinking, meditation, and clear observation.

Let’s look at these points briefly starting from

♟️being observant and being sensitive to what bothers you or anyone around you is one best way to access ideas.

♟️Be prone to knowledge. Strive to know at all times and get acquainted with knowledge in a field of interest.

♟️Sit around men full of solutions. Build a circle of friends who look for problems to solve.

Avoid comfort
♟️Fight and run away from your comfort zone. It will kill your ability to think deeply and be solution inclined.

This key and many more keys will be shared right here. Do stick around

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