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#Humanity: Project Pad A Girl Seminar by QuinGist Empire was a success(Photos)

#Humanity: Project Pad A Girl Seminar by QuinGist Empire was a success #Girlchild

The seminar which starred in 2018 was aimed at eradicating menstrual poverty in Nigeria starting from Imo State.

Quingist Empire is a non-governmental organization, a media house that provides care and empowerment for women and girls in the rural areas of the country.

‘Project Pad a Girl’ envisioned eradicating menstrual poverty among poor and vulnerable girls in Nigeria, by creating easy access to sanitary pads, educational materials, and mentorship.

In many rural communities in Nigeria, young girls have little access to sanitary pads and this affects their convenience and self-esteem, and those that do have access have less knowledge of the circle and sex education.

Consequently, Quingist Empire seeks to restore dignity and good health to the girl child.

Duru Eunice Adaku, the Founder/Creative Mind behind Quingist Empire, said the initiative was borne out of the need to empower young girls and women who are going through various forms of stigmatization, abuse and health challenges as a result of their natural menstrual cycle.

According to Duru Eunice Adaku, what ought to be a proud period in the lives of most poor and vulnerable girls in Nigeria, often turn out to be their most dreadful period.

In some cases, menstruation becomes a dream-killer as the girls rarely get to attend school during menstruation, while others who cannot afford a good menstrual pad rely on old rags and leaves as alternatives, with detrimental health challenges and sometimes gets pregnant due to lack of knowledge about their sexual lives.

Miss Adaku added that “The ladies are also normally vulnerable to sexual abuse in their quest to seek money to buy menstrual pads, this project affects a partnership with schools, churches for easy access to young girls and making them available for training, as well as encouraging their parents and guardians in providing long term sustainability to the project”

It also enables the child leaders to share motivating stories with the girl child during the training.

The April Edition dwelled on :

Adaku Quingist as she is popularly known, together with other partners like
1. Ikenna Micheal Anumnu
2. Queen Esther
3. Chinedu Hardy Nwadike
4. Muna Uduezue
5. Conrad Ijomah
6. Martins Chinaemerem
Who are passionately committed to ensuring that project pad a girl stands out laudable and sustainable.

The ‘Pad a Girl’ is a long-term project that accommodates partnerships from relevant stakeholders and renowned corporate bodies, hence its yearly proposal sets to seek out sponsorship that will help in the continuity of the project.

The initiative is an ongoing project with laudable objectives such as collaboration, partnership, and sponsorship by corporate bodies for donations of menstrual kits.

Organizing menstrual hygiene management training and workshops in schools and communities. Periodical donation of menstrual hygiene materials to poor and vulnerable school children in Nigeria.

On the other hand, the initiative seeks to optimize awareness of menstrual hygiene management amongst the young generation who serve as change agents in society. Minimized incidence of disease and death from unhygienic menstrual practices amongst vulnerable girls.

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