June 12, 2024

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I’m allergic to injustice, stop the oppression Charming Prince blast Chike Okafor

I’m allergic to injustice, stop the oppression Charming Prince blast Chike Okafor

Amb Samuel Chijioke Anyakamnele, Ihitte/Uboma born Philanthropist has taken it unto himself to fight for his people

According to his post on Facebook, He said “I am allergic to injustice, oppression and misappropriation of public mandate.

Impunity and misgivings rises in the society when men of just and intergrity are compromised or rather give room for the ruling class to oppress the people.

The major challenge we have had in our clime is the fact that those whom we call our leaders have sold off our future, progress, and collective well-being at a pot of porridge.

They have refused to speak up in the face of governance and political decadence, They jettison the public trust in exchange of their egocentric interest.

But this time around there will be a political sanitation, liberation and then emancipation in our climes and that we must start from our constituencies, we must start from our communities, down to our families.

Hon Chike Okafor We must maintain the culture of fairness,
we must imbibe the attitude of equality,
we must inculcate the message of justice amongst ourselves.

All of these aforementioned are catalyst for every given society to strive positively, they are the fertilizer that grows the plant of development, and instill the urge for political participation amongst the parochial in the society.

We need to kill the ” it must be me” syndrome which have put politicians on the pressure of fostering a do or die or sit tight mentality when it comes to elective positions.

For us to eschew, political oppression, injustice and sit tight syndrome, we must learn to avoid men whom are voracious and over ambitious with power because they think more for themselves than for the people.

This is the gospel of Lord”

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