May 18, 2024

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Know Which Group Of The Obidient Family You Belong By Engr Iyke Okechukwu

Know Which Group Of The Obidient Family You Belong By Engr Iyke Okechukwu

This is the latest movement in town. Comedians, men of God etc all are suddenly joining…… That of men of God funny because virtually all of them have started getting revelations…… All thanks to the obidient group for making pastors to catch revelations…..

There are four main types of the Obidient group. Each has its own peculiar features…..

1) SOCIAL MEDIA OBIDIENTS….. These ones do not have voters card….. They only post pictures of PO, spend some of their time shouting I am obidient and  then spend most their time insulting anyone that has a contrary view about the obidient movement….. Even when you advise them, they will use all manner of derogatory names on you. These ones have turned the movement to religious and tribal affairs….. They are buying enemies for LP and PO using their utterances. This group see the movement as cruise….. Mostly the new comedians among them usually looks for anything from the group as a means of increasing their popularity…. Some Page managers on Facebook, Instagram etc are also among this group….. They are using the movement as a way to promote their page because all they can see about the movement is cruise, trend etc……

2)FAKE OBIDIENTS….. These ones do not like the obidient movement but because it is the trend, they have no option than to join the trend but at the back of their mind, they know what to do on the election day…… They are more dangerous than scorpion because they will make you think that the obidient movement is growing in every part of the country and such false hope can cause callosal damages…..

3)REAL OBIDIENT….. These are the ones that understood the movement…. They are few….. They have their voters card and can go any length in ensuring that  people get their PVC. They are objective in their discussion…. They hardly argue blindly …. They can follow you to your inbox and speak to you to join the movement with facts ….. My problem is that they are few….. They hardly insult…. They listen to your own line of argument then give you reasonable points and plead that you join the team…. They are the only group that did not see the movement as a tribal or religious agenda….. Most of my friends are in this group  and some of them have persuaded me openly and secretly to join them. Most of the people I have mentored are also in this group. They are still surprised why I have refused to join because they know that is where I supposed to be. If you have opportunity to meet any of them, they will convince you unless you have your mind made up on a certain decision….  I wish we will have more of them…. The real obidients are members of the physical movement. They are not just on social media, they are also on ground speaking to people…

4) DIASPORA OBIDIENTS….. I don’t even know how to describe these ones…….. They are helping to boost the immune system of the movement. Don’t hope on them because none of them will come back to vote even though they sound so passionate about the movement………

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I want to add, that all these types of OBIDIENT have certain things in common and what are  they;
1) They will tell you that governorship election is not important, national assembly election is not important and house of assembly is not important. It is only presidential election that is important…..
2) They will always say that we don’t vote party but personality…..


For me, I don’t belong to any because I have another agenda that is totally outside the election of the country Nigeria……..

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