June 20, 2024

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#Help!!! Umuneke Secondary School gradually going into extinction

#Help!!! Umuneke Secondary School gradually going into extinction

This is Umuneke secondary school,the only government secondary school in Ugiri/Oka ward and this school is practically begging for attention.

The school is gradually facing extinction. If we really want to address the decay in the society, this is a good example of a starting point.

This school was built by our forefathers who have little knowledge in education but today our generation has looked the other way rather than replicate and sustain the legacies of our fathers,we have chosen to abandon the very essence of existence.

This school is the catchment area of six communities in Ugiri/oka ward the hitheto largest ward in Isiala Mbano. The students in this school do not have seats to take their lessons most of the who can not afford lockers sit on a bare floor to take their lessons.

The roofs of the buildings are all leaking,the principal does not have office and neither the teachers.

I call and beg all well-meaning Ugiri sons and daughters especially those who are seeking for elective positions to come to our rescue.

This is one of the ways we can honestly care for our society and the poor people among us. Education is the key to our existence,if we ignore it the uneducated children of the poor will come back to hurt us in future.

Unu anwuchule…
Duru Eunice Adaku is my name

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