May 18, 2024

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Kidstantic project will be fantastic and difficult – Hillary

Doing Something Different For Children: Kidstantic project will be fantastic and difficult – Hillary

One of the founders of Kidstantic, Hillary Uzomba has said the idea of the entire project is exciting and something he is looking forward to achieving with the rest of the team.

Hillary who is presently the Creative Director of the company said that beyond the excitement, everyone understands that it will take a lot of work to have fulfilled Kidstantic.

He said that the creating something different for Children and knowing that it will play a huge role in shaping the lives of thousands of kids around the world will be both fantastic and difficult.

“We see a hug problem and we are finding a solution for it. Consuming wrong contents and letting kids have wrong role models is a huge problem we have been ignoring and what we are working on will solve it”

“It’s a huge problem that needs to be solved and one that will ensure lots of children have the perfect childhood they deserve”, he said.

Hillary Uzomba who is an artist, creative writer and poet also added that the key thing is understanding that the entire project is for humanity and making the world a better place for children especially.

Condemning the concept of following trends and ignoring its toll on humanity, Hillary said that social media has made people delve into anything that will bring them engagement and not impacts.

He said that it is sad to note that people are no longer thinking about the impacts of what they are doing but will dwell on what they will make out of it.

“Children today watch just anything on TV and the internet. In some cases they get roles that are beyond their ages”

“Sometimes you ask what the producers of such contents were thinking, only for you to realize that no one is even complaining despite the huge effect on children” he added.

Kidstantic is expect to start releasing contents before the end of the year, with the website already live.

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