July 10, 2024

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Colours that attract Money (You need to know)


Did you know that there are colors to attract money? Probably this is new to you, but each color has its own distinct energy and its own vibration.

According to the energy of these colors, it is possible to attract several things, like those colors, love, money, health, among others.

Like I said in my writings about money aspect, you must be willing to work or you are working, that’s the basics principle in money attraction ???????? like I said, no spirit will be willing to bless you with money if you are lazy to work, casting of spell’s and rituals are just nonsense if you are lazy,

Money is an energy and it’s the energy you give out that determines the energy you attract, a wise man said, how you dress ? ? ?? determines how you are address, if you happen to see me face to face, my ring’s are either gold or silver ?, my perfumes are prepared with money ??????? attention herb’s ????, you can not dress any how and smail like dust bin and expect money to be attracted to you, that’s the secret behind the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, having said this, let us find out the colors to attract money into your life?

Then you can enjoy the energy that these colors emanate in order to avoid having money issues. We all know that money is the reason of many other problems we face on a daily basis.


(1) GOLD
Gold is the light, the life and actually the best color to attract money into your life, as well as success in business and prosperity. Gold is also the color of fame and brightness. When wearing this color you will be willing to find the solution to end your debts and problems.

Some tips: use some golden objects to decorate your house and put some golden object next to the place where you keep your money, either at home or even in your wallet.
You can also have a golden ring on your finger,
If you are facing some money issues, then light a golden candle and ask for protection from your guardian angel. { Ancestors } that’s if you are at peace with your ancestors, A solution will come up.

Brown is a neutral color and it is one of among the best colors to attract money. It does not seem to be very strong, but it is actually a color with a great energy, perfect to foster stability and economic security. If you have something brown in the office or wear a piece of brown clothing, then this color will help you secure your income, so that you can feel safe.

If you want to attract money, yellow is also one of the colors with good energy for that purpose. Yellow is the color that makes your mind more active and that stimulates creativity. It is a color that attracts opportunities, making it easier to achieve your goals.

(4) RED
Red is the color of strength. It is also a good one to use when you are facing money problems. However, it should be used in a balanced way. The Chinese believe that this is the color of abundance and wealth. This is in fact not such a surprise, since we see all Chinese businesses decorated with red tones.

Orange is one of the five colors to attract money. It combines the energy from the yellow with the strength of the red color. This will provide you with the strength and determination you need to achieve your goals. Orange is also related to prosperity and money.
Finally, you must believe that money is not the Root of all evil, not having money is the root of all evil, share this write ✍️✍️✍️ up, copy it and post in your groups let’s touch lives together,
All glory goes to God the giver of knowledge,
Be bless,
I come in peace,

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