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#AstralUniverse: The Best Marriage Spell

#AstralUniverse: The Best Marriage Spell

Marriage spell :
Yes, this is another simple but wonderful act of nature though , it needs daring spirits to attained anything success .
Though many people pray but dont know how to channels their will or prayers .
The problem is not to pray but channels your words very very well.

A woman got married to man in my land , after years of marriage like twenty four years to be precised, no child, no miscarriage, and we all knows the stories and conditions of such couples and what they may or must have passes through in the hands of friends, families and well-wishers etc for not having any child after so many years.
Now , the man went to marry another wife who quickly gave birth .
Now the first wife lives in agony and needs her own child too .
Instead of this woman to channels her prayer points or words very well , out of anger and frustrations she now always asked God to give her a child , either a boy or a girl , a child to call her own weather crippled , blind, doumb, half human or half spirit or half animal , weather normal or abnormal child , however he or she might be that she Shall be pleased and grateful to Him , as long as she has one , is okay to her.

Finally what happened ?
God gave her a crippled child .
Now the woman was worried why must she bore a crippled child because no crippled child has existed in their linage before , so why hers ?
This matter became a serious case that she seeks for solutions when she found out that the child though a boy is abnormal , but there came many prophecies from afar and within , that God gave her exactly what she asked for , so she should endure it now she has a crippled son to be called her own .

Hahahaha !!!
Well, don’t just pray but mind your words , your words during prayers or spells or rituals is what matters to the universe
Write on the candle ” as this fire burns so it burns on my own destined wife or husband that he runs away from his or her zone of comfort so that our path crosses Amen”

Write with bold letters with nature tools like : a stick of matches or incense stick or a stick from any tree but not broomsticks.
Under your will ( your will is the write-up on the candle body )
Write your biological name or date of birth or signature )
Go to crossroads at night and stick it on the ground and lite it as you recites the prayer or your will with mind or shout aloud , all works .
With your 50 naira and one egg, turn over your head 4x Break the egg with force so that all holding your own destiny husband or wife gets broken and back to their origin and so mote it be .

Keep the money or coins on top of the broken egg , touch the broken egg juices litred on the earth with your pointing or counting right finger then press it on your forehead .
Say thank you 3x and walk away no look back to see if the candle is burning or not , just go home. Your road will one-day crosses and also remember to ask the universe to give you the grace to know him or her when crossing or when approaches to you lest you keep searching for what has passed you bye .

Many of us here has passed by their lucks so many times , frequently and severally due to lack of appropriate channeling of prayers or one’s will.
What you asks is what you gets .
What you thinks about dreams of you .
What you don’t Know Senior you .
What you sights from afar is also within you .
No separation between the land of the living and the dead. So learn to troy , learn to dare , learn to be determined if not , you become a hermit ( the searcher of faith , truth and real identity of yourself and destiny etc )

A hermit is one on a spiritual journey but he or she can spend the rest of his or her life span on earth whole searching for the truth of her or his life, because one , he lacks faith ( 2) dont pay attention to his or her innerself nor his or her dreams (3) dont listen to the advice of his elders ( the wise : prophecy or diviners )
,( 4) doubt but fearless.
Lastly , he never dares to act on one upon all he has wandered around and heard, Even if he dare to troy, it wont work out for him because he lacks the faith , his mind is full of doubts and doubts and spirit are enemies just like fears.

Finally , here comes the idea behind the story of the married woman in my land .
I know that many of us here never know that we lives a life of generational lessons to others and which is attached to our destiny .
The woman in question finally have a son of her still wasn’t happy till her death because her only son was imbecile but she got exactly what seeked and asked for .
This life is all about we and the universe .
You think they dont see you or doesn’t hear your plee but they do , when will realised it they have given it to you , no matter how long it takes .

Many of us try some spells or rituals or prayer point and ran away or quits from doing or repeating it once again because , it didn’t work as the practitioner or the writer says it would at the first try , now forget that the power of all spells lies on the strength of ones mind , how strong is your will that this will work , did you truly trust on the idea and the powers in you that this will really work , if you believe that it will work it must work , fails to work at the first try , try , try and try again .
You are telling the universe , spirits not man .

Remember that our parents sometimes dont give us exactly what we wants and as immediately as we may need it from them so with the gods , they are the same our parents who once lives as us here on Earth before they kick the bucket. ( Before their deaths ) , so their lives is even in the world beyond , you must beg and beg to show how needful this or that is to you .

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