July 11, 2024

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How to find your Magic Name.

Your true identity

Some person’s will not believe me on this.
But that is the truth.
One of the greatest evil done to us African’s by the white. is by changing our names to an English names. wonderful English names that has nothing to offer then problems.
Believe it or leave it. your name is connected to your assignment on earth.
And by name. I mean the name given to you by your ancestors. your true identity is wrap in your local name and not the English names.
So once you change your name to an English name.
you have changed your identity and that’s why so many person’s are suffering today. your real name is your magical name

How to find your Magic Name. Your true identity

Many magical traditions, if not all of them, emphasize the power of the (true) name. It is believed that if anyone knows the true names of objects – human, spirit, element, or an actual object – he has greater control over them. A magic name (or magical name) serves one of the two following purposes, if not both, depending on the tradition. The one is to affiliate the spiritualists or the witch to a secret true name, so that nobody else would know it, and therefore they will be more protected against magic from enemies.

Purpose of Magic Name
The other purpose is to help the Spirituality or the witch to connect with their true identity in order to help them express their magic to its fullest potential. Either way, your magic name holds a tremendous power, so, do not share it with anyone you do not trust completely. In today write up I will focus on the latest part. We will see how to realise our true spiritual mission for this life of ours on Earth, and then see a way of turning this mission to a name; our magic name.

Step 1. The power of Birth
The first thing we need to do is to determine our birth number. (See here the power of the Birthday) This can easily be found from our birth date by summing all its digits until we reach a one-digit number. For example, if you have been born on November 10, 1981, then your birth number is 4 because: 1+0+1+1+1+9+8+1 = 22, 2+2=4.

Step 2. Meditation
Now comes the most important part. Go into a meditative state. If you don’t know how to do it, you can simply perform the Balancing Breathing exercise with your eyes closed, until your mind is relaxed, clear and focused. When you have achieved a nice meditative state, ask your wise inner self

“What is my purpose for this life?”

Then let your mind show you the answer. It usually comes in the form of images, and these images are symbolic. So, do not judge these images from the beginning, just let them flow freely, until you reach a clear conclusion. When the time has come, you will know it and will clearly realise it. You will feel it, so do not rush it. It may take some time to become clear to you, or even it may take more than one sessions.

Step 3. Numbers and letters have power
Whenever the realisation becomes clear, you are ready for the next step. this numbers and letters must be in your mother tongue. by mother tongue I simply mean your mother language. I have a lot to say on this.
you see. in African Spirituality, names and mother’s name are very important. but those who doesn’t understand takes it for a joke

If your mother tongue is not based on the African alphabet, but can give the letters of the alphabet a numeric value, use these numeric values. If this is not the case, I suppose that there are local traditions to provide you with a system to determine your magic name. If you don’t know them, the best thing I can suggest is to try to create your magic name in your language.

how to find your magic name

Now, whichever system you trust, try to create a name expressing your purpose on Earth. Then find the value of this name by summing the values of its letters, until you reach a single digit number. This number should be the same as your birth number. If not, keep changing the way you express your purpose until you can find a proper name.

When you do so, think of it. Do you like the sound? Is it you? If not, try to find a better one. If yes, then this is your magic name.
Since you have not used any ritual to affiliate this name with yourself, then it has little if any spell casting value over you, but it is still a reminder of your purpose, of your true essence. What I mean by that is that, if anybody casts a spell on you using your magic name instead of your given name, the spell won’t have enough power to act on you. But, you can use this magic name of yours when you are casting spells or performing rituals in addition to your given name, for more power. Meditate on it often, and ask your inner self how you can express yourself as it states.
Be bless.

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