July 18, 2024

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Your Spirit Guide Questions Answered!

Your Spirit Guide Questions Answered!
I want to share some of the questions that students have asked me in time past. Of course these are my personal opinions based on my life experiences and my work with the unseen world. Another spiritual communicator may have different responses. It is truly up to you to take what resonates as truth for your own soul; for no one can tell you who you are but yourself.

Can I reach those beings on the highest of realms?

You will draw into your atmosphere those essences that can teach you at the soul awareness level your soul is currently at. There is no reason to teach you calculus if you still don’t understand basic arithmetic.

Do I have a specific number of guides?

Due to the constant shifting and expansion of spirit evolvement, there is never a finite number of guides per soul. Although guides may be involved with other souls along with you, there is a certain group of guides specifically designated to help with your soul’s lessons. As mentioned previously, while some are permanent, others may be temporary. Guides will grow and change dependent upon the tasks and lessons the earthly soul is experiencing.

Are my guides always with me?

Guides are in constant communication with your Higher Self. The very nature of this physical dimension is to make you think that you are separate or isolated. But that’s an illusion necessary for your soul’s evolution. Your guides are omnipresent, and this book will hopefully encourage you to have a conscious relationship with them.

How can I learn the names of my guides?

Names aren’t necessarily significant to guides. Although some guides have incarnated many times as physical beings on Earth, they may or may not choose to present as one of those personalities. For many, names are limiting because they merely define a small fraction of their totality. You can assign a name to them if you wish, but guides would rather be recognized by an energetic feeling than by a name.
How can I tell if my guides are communicating to me?

When communication with a guide is occurring, quite often there is a feeling or sense of joy and excitement, and a piece of wisdom or an insight that will pop into your mind. You may feel a cool breeze or a temperature change. You may get a sense of expectation, like butterflies in the stomach or goosebumps. A guide may tap you on the shoulder or touch the top of the head. You may even hear your guide calling your name.

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