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#Imo2023: Imo guber and the option of Basil Maduka

#Imo2023: Imo guber and the option of Basil Maduka

If only men can fast forward the hands of the clock, over 90 percent of Imolites who yearn for a productive and purpose-driven governance would wish that tomorrow is election day. The reason is not far-fetched, Gov Uzodinma’s scorecard so far is underwhelming and the masses cannot wait any longer for the governor who is performing below par to give way for better ones.

But much more than the desire to see a change of leadership in the state is the compelling need to single out from the plethora of gubernatorial aspirants across the political parties an aspirant that emboldens the capacity, competence, and character to take our beleaguered state to lofty heights. The search is on as all the aspirants are undergoing intense scrutiny from the Imo people and popular opinion on the streets is that Sir Basil Udochukwu Maduka of the Labour Party ticks most (if not all) boxes.

Born in June 1967 into the late Mazi and Lolo Silas Chilaka Maduka dynasty of Akpokwu-Egbelu Akpodim in Ezinihitte Local Government Area of Mbaise, Imo State, Maduka, a Knight of the Anglican Church, has a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from the University of Calabar in Cross River State, Nigeria.

His corporate career began in January 1990, with the Mandolas Group on Broad Street, Lagos, Nigeria’s business capital.
He later went into Banking and other corporate organizations including the Oil and Gas sector where he currently holds sway as the Chief Executive Officer of Virgin Group, an internationally integrated Oil and Gas servicing company with corporate offices in major cities in Nigeria including Lagos and Port Harcourt, as well as United Arab Emirates, USA, and Europe, with over a hundred professionals of various fields of expertise from different countries as his employees.

Though relatively new in Imo’s political circle, Sir Basil Maduka’s rich resume and untainted track record in business, community service, and leadership made him an easy pick for the plum position of governor. He might be called a politician, at least not in the Nigerian context, but he will be rightly described as a man who desires a new Imo state of endless possibilities for the citizens and inhabitants of the state.

His campaign mantra “restoration agenda” couldn’t have been anything better as Imo State is in dire need of leadership and economic restoration. Contesting on the platform of the Labour Party, Basil Maduka is a perfect fit for the Party’s guber ticket as his candidacy will not only excite but will drive home the belief that the party is different from other major parties in the country by insisting on producing the best out of the aspirants as a candidate. Moreso, Basil Maduka comes with less baggage but with vast experience in the private sector and public service.

Given that he is from the marginalized Owerri zone, the issue of zoning would be in his favor when discussed. His young age and creative mind would endear him to the young whereas his charisma will make him a choice for the old. Above all his visions, which include, running the economy of the state democratically to meet the needs of the people, to radically transforming existing structures of the state through economic and social democracy to allow participation of the ordinary citizens on issues of governance, are well thought out and in line with the aspiration of Imo people.

He is courageous and with the willpower to tame the monsters created by the Uzodimma administration who are terrorizing the State. This will create the needed atmosphere to unbundle the good agenda he is coming with. He will look to quickly rehabilitate the minds of the people to begin to see the government as an institution designed to serve the interest of the people and not to fight against them, and therefore partner with the government for the development of the State.

The oil merchant would restore the dignity of the legislature by ensuring that the executive forges a good relationship with the sister arm of government without undermining the principles of power separation. Then, ultimately, he will have to raise the governance bar in all aspects that have been lowered by the two previous administrations.

The task will be challenging but Maduka has proven with the opportunity he had in both private and public sectors that he can deliver. It is on account of this trust that he will be elected, first as a candidate of the Labour Party, and by the grace of God, the governor, and Imo will be back on the right track.

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