July 18, 2024

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Victor AD Defends TB Joshua, Recounts Miraculous Healings and Acts of Kindness

“Victor AD Defends TB Joshua, Recounts Miraculous Healings and Acts of Kindness”

In the wake of various allegations against the late Prophet TB Joshua, Nigerian singer Victor AD has stepped forward to defend the cleric, sharing personal experiences of miraculous healings and acts of kindness.

The recent documentary released by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) raised several allegations against TB Joshua, including fake miracles, torture, and forced abortions. Victor AD, widely known for his hit song “Wetin We Gain,” took to his social media to recount the positive impact TB Joshua had on his life.

In a tweet from his official account, Victor AD expressed disbelief at the notion of TB Joshua being fake, highlighting instances where the late cleric played a pivotal role in his life. The singer recalled how TB Joshua healed him from a skin disease at the tender age of six, intervened to restore his mother’s hand threatened by a gunshot wound, and miraculously healed his sister of blindness during her primary school days.

The singer went on to emphasize the tangible acts of kindness demonstrated by TB Joshua towards his family. In times of homelessness, the late prophet provided them with shelter and sustenance, showcasing a side of him that transcended the alleged controversies.

Victor AD’s heartfelt defense concluded with a powerful statement, asserting that God’s work, as channeled through TB Joshua, remains undeniable, regardless of the skepticism surrounding it. The singer boldly declared, “God is not a man,” urging others to recognize the enduring legacy of TB Joshua.

As Victor AD adds his voice to the discourse, reactions from netizens reflect the ongoing debate surrounding the late prophet’s legacy and the impact he had on individuals, such as the “Wetin We Gain” crooner and his family.

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