June 22, 2024

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#Religion: Two Christians concert to Islam in Enugn after promised 200k

While we marvel at what youths can do for money, more news keep circulating the internet on acts to money

Everybody is expected to hold his or her faith no matter the circumstance. One of the basic requirement for any religion is loyalty. Loyalty to Your religion is remaining with that religion mo matter the offer outside but two ladies broke theirs.

Christians must be loyal to their faith and remain no matter the circumstances. Unfortunately some Christians are willingly to destroy the relationship they have with Christ, their loyalty and denounce their faith for the sake of money.

Such was the case of two Christians who were converted to Muslim after they were promise 200 thousand naira. Such a cheap price to renounce your faith.

The story goes…

Two Christians convert to Islam After they were Promised 200k Each

Two Igbo Christians identified as Chizoba and Chidera have converted to Islam in Enugu State.

According to one Muhammad Kabir Orjiegbulam, the conversation took place at Central Mosque in Ibagwa-Aka, Igbo-Eze South Local Government of the state on Friday, January 28.

“Allahu Akbar. They accepted Islam today at Central Mosque Ibagwa-aka in Enugu State. Brother Chizoba is now Musa and Sister Chidera is now Adina. May Allah make them useful to Islam in Igbo Land. Amen.” he wrote.

It is heartbreaking and discouraging for these Christians to denounce their faith and their actions make me believe to a large extent that they will never Christians.

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