June 13, 2024

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#School: Authorities of Imo Federal Polytechnic bans use of private car in campus

There is nothing wrong to buy cars, nice clothes and jewelry but when it becomes excessive and a nuisance there is need to checkmate it.

So many students intentionally buy cars to show off and intimidate their fellow students. Some who can’t afford it go to any length to get the money just to buy it and show off like others. When there is no legit job to bring the money in bulk they engage in one fraudulent act or the other.

In places like universities the primary aim is for students to read and build their future. Abandoning this aim to chase after material possession is an issue that needs immediate attention.

The management of federal Polytechnic Nekede after considering this fact that student buy cars to show off and live flamboyant lifestyle has banned private cars on campus.

The decision came after the school raised concern on the flamboyant lifestyle of students. The authorities meet and deliberated on the issue and agreed to ban student from using private cars on campus.

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