May 17, 2024

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#Vawulence: Man Drags Ovaioza Says She Hid Her Husband Like Palliative.

#Vawulence: Man Drags Ovaioza Says She Hid Her Husband Like Palliative.

Ovaioza is a social media influencer, entrepreneur and business woman. She owns agro business across the nation.
Recently she shocked her fans with pictures of her wedding which took everyone by surprise.

Fans cheered, posted, celebrated and congratulated her.

Just when nobody expected it a facebook user CloodHus Igboticon uploaded a post that attracted fans fury and highly derogatory

He said ‘Did Ovaioza marry a Simp?
This is to tell you that wealthy women have insecurities in marrying average men. Technically, no wealthy man will hide his wife the way Ovaioza is hiding the guy like palliative even if she is the poorest of the poor.
If she had the intention not to get the guy on the media the best would have been not to post at all.

This sparked fury among fans and they dragged him. His words are derogatory and can damage someone personality. While some fans criticized him, others said it was copy and paste while some said he should not be taken serous for that is his character.

He later made another post begging people to consider his mental health before dragging him.

Whether shared or originally posted by him it is wrong to say something against someone especially when you don’t know them personally.

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