July 13, 2024

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#SAD: Candle procession held for late Futo students

#SAD: Candle procession held for late Futo students.

Death is sad and inevitable, it is one of the cruelest and evil that has ever happened to man. The fact remain everybody will walk that isle one day. We only pray to work down the aisle with Christ.

A candle procession was organized by the course mate of late Maryann. Maryann was knocked down by a trailer on Thursday, the bike man and her died few minutes later of internal bleeding.

The tragic death surprised everyone and threw the entire school especially her course mate into a state of mourning and sadness. Maryann is one of the best brains in her department, and loveable.

The candle procession which took place in FUTO was attended by most of her course mate, grieved students and Man O War official. They appeared in black uniform, lighted their candles and walk round the school singing ‘IT IS WELL WITH HER SOUL’

They started from their lecture hall down to the junction that led to her house where they prayed. The continued from there to the Catholic Church where she worshipped every Sunday and prayed. Before finally going to the hostel where they also prayed and wrote her nick name ADA on the road with candle.
May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace in Jesus name. Amen

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