June 11, 2024

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#CheapBlackmail: I can’t be blackmailed by petty ushers – Bride narrates her side of the story…

#CheapBlackmail: I can’t be blackmailed by petty ushers – Bride narrates her side of the story…

I hired Dynamic ushers through my sister since I was getting married and it will not be easy to checkmate the days’ activities, I gave their coordinator (Martha Ene) the memorandum of activities, and it was strictly to serve and clean the dishes(chores). I made a 70% payment which was required.

They arrived the evening before the d day and the person I paid to was not with them, we showed them their room to resume work the next, which they started reluctantly and I ignored because I was not going to let anything spoil my mood for my happy day.

Later at the event, they started having a misunderstanding with my sister, and I found out that they were failing to carry out their activities and asking for their balance, I was never meant to give them any money because they were not the person I made the first 70% payment and I told them that.

Calls were made and the next the coordinator on the ground started throwing insults to almost everyone, people were pleading with them to calm down but she won’t hear it,

She went further to insult one of my old anty’s and the son was there, no one will stand and watch their mother be insulted by a lady younger to them.

That was how the fight erupted and they were swiftly separated, a few minutes later, the lady walked out and sat down and they started making videos, claiming that she was manhandled, I suggested taking her to the hospital which they refused and got up and left.

Now, I was surprised to come online and see my name everywhere with the negative news, especially coming from @UshersinNigeria , calling me all sorts of names

I will proceed to court for defamation of character if they don’t bring down the post or make inquiries.

See more details from chats between me and the coordinator of Dynamic Ushers.

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