July 18, 2024

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#2023: A Battle Between The ‘Haves’ and ‘Have Not’
By Dr. Sunny Oby Maduka

#2023: A Battle Between The ‘Haves’ and ‘Have Not’
By Dr. Sunny Oby Maduka

The 2023 elections are closing up, and as usual, by September, the euphoric campaign climate will undoubtedly begin with much enthusiasm and inference.

The issue won’t be the clamour of one million match, but the reality of testing the same political lying sprees of many of the contestants, and much more importantly, to ascertain if the gullible Nigerians have learnt anything about their political histories, sentiments, loyalties and resultant pathetic consequences of their past mistakes.

I have watched with keen interest on the citizens defence mechanisms to their preferred candidates, and unfortunately, many intimate friends are at the log heads simply because of their diverse candidates’ supports. The intrigue has created a serious distraction and disconnect amongst friends for politicians that don’t care about their grievances or rants. It’s becoming increasingly disruptive in many platforms, where abuses are reignited, and to the utter amazement of gullible people.

I have a serious concern about INEC’s sincerity, and this is because, no one can be assured of INEC’s fairness in 2023 elections.
Right from 1999, INEC has become its own Chief Judge in its own Chamberlain’s court. INEC decisions are very critical, especially in results collations and transmissions. If INEC is proactive, it will learn from the Kenya recent presidential election, where results are streamed on a realtime basis. In that case, it will be very difficult to manipulate election results from any part of Nigeria. It can be done. The simple reason being that almost all parts of Nigeria are linked to at least a – one – 2g communication service provider. Hardly will you go to any part of Nigeria today that you won’t have certain network provisions.

But My Fears Are:

  1. The Atikulates and Batifiers will try to persuade INEC to use manual collation and transmission methods to escalate results. They’ve FINANCIAL and THUGGERY structures that could create clusters of vote buyers and hungry youths that will serve as disruptive agents. This is why APC and PDP are boasting of being structured to restructure greedy Nigerians and empower youths with weapons of disruptions before, during and after the elections.
    Don’t forget that the new Electoral law has given INEC an open discretion to either use electronic transmissions or manual transmissions methods to escalate elections results. INEC is the core decider of 2023 elections, and with the corrupt infested bondage in Nigeria presently, it will only take a saint to uphold rightness in our electoral system.
  2. The ‘Obidients’ are youths who are versed with new ICT programs, and will be comfortable with electronic results collation and transmission. That way, they’ll not be discouraged from coming out to vote. They’ll have the highest quality of numbers because they are sure that their votes will count. Any development outside this may discourage a lot of the youths from coming out to vote for the much needed change.
  3. The use of technology innovations can be manipulated from the Central SERVER, especially the vendors that installed the software program. It happened in the last USA presidential election, where allegations were rift of Russia’s anti-cybercrime efforts to manipulate results. Nigeria may not have the sophistication of cybersecurity system that can withstand any international cyberattacks during our electioneering period. 2019 allegation of INEC’s Central Server cyber-attack that wanted to manipulate elections results could only be settled by court judgment. There is nothing exemplified by the hackers that they won’t try again in 2023 elections.
  4. The chances of AA and BAT winning the 2023 presidential election will be very difficult if electronic transmissions of results are streamed on realtime. What this means is that, these two will do everything possible to truncate this method. I can see where the INEC Chairman will be under intense pressure from these two to jettison BVAS’ electronic transmissions of results.
    Already, there’s a serious allegation of INEC trying to mellow down on the use of BVAS in certain parts of Nigeria, and the idea is to use manual accreditations, collations and transmissions.

Recently, Engr. Chidi Nwafor, who introduced Bimodal Voting Accreditation System (BVAS) that replaced Card Reader System (CRS), and head of INEC ICT in Abuja was relieved of the function and transferred to Enugu State as an Administrative officer. The BVAS has eliminated multiple votings, ballot boxes hijacked and other manual manipulations in our elections because it transmits results electronically to the INEC central server seamlessly. It’s becoming very clear from the new twists that INEC may not conduct a free and fair elections in 2023 if it violates its own evolutionary trend as executed in Ekiti and Osun States Governorship elections. Although, INEC has debunked the manualised policy objective of electoral manipulations, the fact remains that if Nigerians have not been sensitive in following INEC bumper to bumper, 2023 elections RIGGING would have started secretly if manual electoral process was not rejected by social media crusaders recently.


  1. The campaign period will be used as a measuring denominator on the vitality of each presidential candidate. The rigours of campaigning, and of course, the campaign utterances will be very crucial as electorates are going to analyse every word from the candidates. A slip on the campaign stage or tongue will be very disastrous. Nigerians were hoodwinked in 2015 and 2019 by PMB’s trickery that made him to go scot-free from media chats. Any candidate who is still nursing the same tactics of avoiding media interviews and chats because PMB used that, should better start to practice the rudiments of public speaking and interviews. Nigerians are wiser right now. The youths are involved this time around, media, both social and conventional methodologies are going to add value to the candidates planned projects for Nigeria.
  2. The power of incumbency: In 2015, GEJ was able to play the role of an active democrat. But as at now, PMB is only a democrat by the papers. His actions and policies directions are very much contrary to the tenets of democracy. He executes most of his policies through dictatorial impunities and arrogance. PMB is a one-man riot squadron, never stable and never concerned about what people think about him. He is a man conquered by self-disillusioned identity, with core self- preservation cocoon of all knowing, and with an acute undernourished hypocritical behaviour.

GEJ exhibited a humble self-esteem with passion for democratic empowerment, and hence, never influenced the 2015 presidential election result. This may not be the case in 2023 with PMB’s natural attribute of a dictator. He is a boss and not a leader, and as such, will not take it lightly with INEC’s Chairman if he deviates from his pre-planned position of who’s going to succeed him. PMB is a direct opposite of GEJ, and always wants his instructions and directives to be sacrosanct.

If GEJ was PMB in 2015, there would be no way that PMB would have relinquished power to GEJ.
The only way that 2023 elections will be free from the power of incumbency is if the citizens are involved, and if possible send a serious warning to INEC and PMB, that they will defend their votes even if revolution is envisaged. If Nigerians are still sitting on the edge, thinking that PMB is disposed of handing over power to Peter Obi on a platter, then, they’re bereft of any iota of PMB’s personality.

There are two possible candidates who are favoured by this present regime to succeed PMB – BAT and ATIKU.

The most favoured by PMB is BAT. BAT is not the most emotional favourite by PMB, but four scenarios are very paradoxically critical.

(a) Party Affiliation: PMB will do everything possible to ensure that APC retains power in 2023. In this case, every APC Governor must make a solemn pledge of delivering his state in whatsoever disguise. The new Electoral law has indirectly given absolute power to the state Governors. This was why those who voted in all the national conventions of APC and PDP were the delegates solely nominated and approved by the Governors. Here, Governors party loyalty is very critical on who is elected to any position.

(b) Muslim – Muslim ticket is a conquest project of the Muslim extremists, who believed impliedly that BAT’s health may deteriorate before his first tenure will elapse. That will give the VP, Alhaji Shettima the opportunity to rule Nigeria for another eight years and to finalise Islamisation agenda as started by PMB. This time, ascension of Shettima to the presidency won’t be an issue of controversy because a precedence has been made when late President Yar’adua died, and GEJ succeeded him.

Shettima is a core Islamic extremist and hence APC Muslim cabals are seriously planning. This is because, PMB couldn’t conclude the Islamist movement agenda of turning Nigeria into a full-fledged Fulani Islamist nation.

Critical is the issue of restructuring. The North, especially the Caliphate are totally against any form of restructuring. The reason is that this present arrangement favoured the North more than the South. Shettima is one of the Northerners who opposed any form of restructuring in Nigeria, and has boasted on how the North perceived an average Igbo man. His hatred for the Igbos is beyond verbalisation, and he’ll surely come out openly against Igbos, especially those in government establishments and private businesses. He’s not hiding his disdain about the Igbos, and unfortunately, the saboteurs in Igboland are fetching the ants infested firewood that will be used to roast their kinsmen if APC eventually emerged as the boss of Nigeria in 2023. It’s even clearer if one will analyse the sequence of visits of BAT to other zones except SE. The hatred of the Igbos by this regime will continue if BAT becomes the president. His body language has become more clearly clear as I explained earlier.

Both BAT and Shettima are in the same religious agenda, and it’s very obvious when Shettima publicly declared, “Restructuring my foot” in one of his public outings. Don’t make any mistakes to assume that it was Shettima’s idea, it was a general consensus of the North as agreed by BAT for the Northern Governors support.

The SE and SS will be the centres for conquest, and the security situation right now will be a child’s play if APC is enthroned to lead Nigeria again. Nigeria is very important to all Fulanis, especially amongst the extremists Islamic groups all over the world.

(c) APC Corrupt infested Cabals. This is where most decisions are made within the party’s caucus projection. This group is the most dangerous, and can even stall the 2023 elections if the members here have any perceptions about the future outcome of the presidential election. They’re the unseen soul and body of PMB’s decisions mechanism. They’re the ones that negotiated and forced BAT to go into Muslim – Muslim ticket irrespective of what Nigerians are thinking. This group of people are more inclined to protecting their selfish and corruptible inclinations rather than national interests.

(d) Trillions of Naira earmarked for APC and PDP campaigns can’t be quantified.
Recently, PMB was made the Coordinating Chairman of BAT campaign team, and he’s in charge of funding the campaign too.
It’s unfortunate that Nigeria democracy has not been scrutinised by the relevant security agencies on party funds and their judicious utilisations.

We have seen in 2015, how PDP opened the CBN vaults and billions of dollars spent without any accountability till date. The court cases instituted by this government exonerated GEJ, who approved all the squandering, and till date, everything seems to end as it started.

APC will still use the same PDP financial recklessness to induce voters, and at the end, our commonwealth, under the management of APC regime will be used as a personal asset for dubious disbursements for vote buying process. Today, dollar has become so scarce that many APC politicians are dictating the dollar sales under an APC Central Bank Governor.
The 2023 elections will be a sadist battle of DOLLAR versus CONSCIENCE. APC may go for dollar spreading and hence the CBN today has been emptied even before the start of campaigns. We are envisaging a geometric dollarised elections that will make 2015 PDP elections squander, a child’s play in 2023. APC with Bullion Vans exponent, will surely give PDP’s oil bunkering exponents, a run for their stolen monies. Naira will be battered as never before once election campaigns starts, and this is because, APC and PDP are going to the battle on DOLLAR to DOLLAR squandering mega-upload show.

Labour Party without financial and thuggery structures, but with vicious youths backing will surprise APC and PDP, and this is because, many Nigerians will rather vote for the future based on their consciences than eating their future, today.

The TIDE in 2023 will help to actually understand the true state of an average Nigerian mind about hardship continuity and a total freedom from the sordid past.

“The web of corruption starts from the evolution of corrupt practices, that will end with corrupt results and corrupt infrastructure by those elected through same corrupt system.” DSM.

  1. The Military Hierarchy Supports (MHS): This scenario is very critical in 2023 elections. The security agencies have very important role to play in the upcoming elections. If the Military Hierarchy has any inclination of supporting PMB, the tendency of intimidations, harassments and outright arrests of certain individuals before and during the elections will be activated.

The atmospheric aura in the streets during elections could result to voters apathy. Example will be more glaring in the SE, where youths don’t feel safe anymore. This is because, most youths are arrested and erroneously tagged as IPOB members, and without any discernment, put in jail if not killed. The friendly disposition of the security agencies have a lot to do with voters, especially to give the youths a feeling of safety as they come out to vote.

Our Creed:

The 2023 elections are fundamental, and for us to get it right, the seven concepts as I enumerated must be diligently considered, and of course, we must stand up to not only defend our votes, but to ensure that our chosen candidates are properly inaugurated by any means possible. Enough of us sitting down and waiting for a new Nigeria under the same old ideological rogues.

Don’t get me wrong!!!

“Nigeria is a scam of the British by the British and for the Fulani Caliphate’s headship, and 2023 must be critical to either we liberate ourselves from the old order of master – slave embolism or continue with our foolish emotional religious and tribal sentiments that are hinged on deceitful moral emptiness and numbness – suffering and smiling.” DSM.

It’s our choice…and of course, a timely choice that will help the future generations to appraise if we have learnt anything from our past mental dysfunctional mistakes.

Remember to courageously resist any form of intimidations as you legitimately queue to vote and equally ensure that your vote counts.
This is because, the battle for the rescue of Nigeria in 2023 is between evil and good, the blind and the sight; and ultimately, the ‘HAVES AND HAVE NOT.’

Dr. Sunny Oby Maduka (DSM), is an Author, Resource Personality, Management Consultant/ Trainer, Chartered/Certified – Auditor / Accountant, Financial Compliance Expert, Economic/Political Analyst Strategist, Marine Expert and Motivationist)

Source: Independent Newspapers

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