July 18, 2024

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#LabourParty: Ihekweme Led OBI- DATTI Imo Presidential Campaign Council Calls For Peace And Unity

#LabourParty: Ihekweme Led OBI- DATTI Imo Presidential Campaign Council Calls For Peace And Unity


It is important at this stage, to put the records straight to avoid wide spread misconceptions and wrong notions.

On behalf of the Imo state Presidential Campaign Council for Peter Obi/Ahmed Datti, it is my singular honour to make the following clarifications with the view of strengthening our Campaign and also to purge and disabuse the minds of our reading public on the false insinuations by a few detractors and disobedient elements who are of course direct beneficiaries of the current failed leadership and now trying to hide under the striking names of Peter Obi and Ahmed Datti to advance their own selfish political interests and advantages. I have refused to be dragged into this unnecessary and unwarranted supremacy battle with Imo LP leadership who claims to be acting based on a directive from the National Secretariat of the Party to disown the constitution and inauguration of the Imo State Presidential Campaign Council.

First thing first, since the inauguration of the Obi-Datti Presidential Campaign Council Imo State chapter, we have evidently raised the bar and taken the Campaign in Imo state to a new and enviable heights. We do not need any distractions at this point in time.

There is no debate to the fact, that there is no conflict of interest between Party Administration and Campaign Council in any flourishing democracy anywhere in the world. It is the prerogative of a nominated candidate of a political party to set up his or her own Campaign team. The party plays little or no role in some cases when it comes to the determination of the key actors in any Campaign Council at any level.

Imo state was recently used as a test case on how a befitting Campaign Council should be constituted, and it has been widely acknowledged that Imo state example should be replicated across the country. Should that constitute a threat to anyone that is truly Obidient and Yus-ful?

As the State Coordinator for Obi-Datti Presidential Campaign Council Imo, I hereby plead with the leadership of Labour Party and critical stakeholders at all levels to please desist from demarketing Peter Obi in Imo state.

I do not want to believe that opposition elements have infiltrated and penetrated certain persons within the rank and file of LP both at the state and National levels.

The Imo state Presidential Campaign Council for Obi-Datti was properly and duly constituted and inaugurated by a competent National leader of great repute and senior member of the Campaign Organisation Prof. Pat Utomi. It amounts to administrative incompetence and naivity for anybody in the name of Party supremacy to disown his actions publicly because he didn’t act on behalf of the party. He acted for the Presidential Candidate who enjoys his full and unalloyed confidence and trust. Even if the National Leadership of the party frowns at the singling out of Imo state alone, but as a responsible political party, are they suppose to involve the media immediately? What was the haste in rushing to the media to disown an action taken by one of the greatest pillars of the Party and Campaign? I think the leadership of LP should tarry a while and detach themselves away from dubious political actors that are using them to cause trouble at this early stage. Where was Labour Party in Imo state and else where before Peter Obi became the candidate? In less than two weeks, the Imo State Campaign Council has moved the sensitisation campaign upto the Ward level and in all the polling units in Imo state. The party should be grateful to us and not to be antagonising us.

Let me repeat again, that I do not see any conflict between the party and the Campaign Council in terms of interest unless there are things the party is hiding from us. The sole interest of the Campaign Council is to see this formidable ticket of Obi-Datti emerge victorious on the 25th Febuary 2023.

At this point, commonsense demands that we apply wisdom and bury our invidual interests for collective interest and then deploy all our efforts to help Peter Obi and Ahmed Datti succeed in rescuing and salvaging this country that is badly in need of credible and competent leadership.

We should at this point, concentrate on the heavy workload staring at us in the face. Nobody has monopoly of dishing out press releases. But let it be known today, that the Campaign Council Imo State will nolonger tolerate anymore of such unwarranted media outbursts against my person or the Campaign Council as a whole. Henceforth, anymore of such malicious publication against the Council, will be met with a more damaging response. The Presidential candidate of Labour Party has the sole responsibility to dissolve or reconstitute his Campaign Council at any level and at will. There is a difference between political party as a vehicle for election and a Campaign Council of a candidate that has emerged for election from the Party. It is left for a Presidential candidate to choose his Campaign team who forms the campaign Council. The Candidate may decide to have his Campaign Council merged with the structure of the party or allow the Campaign Council operate separately outside the structure of the party but must inform the structure of the party of his programmes and activities to enable the structure of the party participate and play its role as a political party.

Who becomes who in the Campaign Council of a candidate, whether at the federal, state or LGA levels is the sole responsibility and prerogative of the candidate contesting election.

As it is today, the Imo State Presidential Campaign Council for Obi-Datti, enjoys the full support and confidence of the Presidential Candidate and his running mate. We are strong on ground and poised to deliver over 95% to Peter Obi and Ahmed Datti on the 25th of Febuary 2023.

Let me also appeal to my brothers who are involved in the current distractions against the Campaign Council to think twice and sheathe their swords because karma is a bitch.

The Imo State Campaign Council honoured the party by paying a reconciliatory visit to the state secretariat, yet some known and unknown elements within and outside the party have continued to forment trouble for their own selfish interest.

Finally, let us advance beyond the current petty politics and brace up for the work ahead.

The Imo State Campaign Council has been inaugurated, we can only come together and fortify the council for maximum effect and result.

We have been self financing, we have never solicited for any financial help from anyone because we are capable of funding our operations and activities and we have been doing so by the grace of God.

Proudly Obi-Dient

Fabian Ihekweme PhD.
Imo State Coordinator
Obi-Datti Presidential Campaign Organisation.

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