July 10, 2024

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Brooms are commonly used in our homes and shops, here are some important information you need to take note of while using it.

1. Do not use the same broom used in sweeping inside the house to sweep outside or vice versa. When you do that, you bring some bad energies from the outside to the inside.

2. When you use broom to kill wall gecko or spider, do not use it to sweep the inside of  the house again. Wall gecko and spider are spiritual agents used as monitoring agents for people. They carry bad energies with deep spiritual influence. Once you notice either of these creatures in your room or anywhere in the house, do everything possible to kill it. Don’t let it escape. If it does, it would go and rekindle it’s powers against you. Once you kill it with the broom, throw the broom or burn it.

3. If you use your broom to remove cobwebs, do not use same broom to sweep the inside of the house again. Throw it away or burn it. Cobwebs are spiritual instrument used to block someone’s ways. It is good you remove cobweb in your house at least, once a week. It sanitizes your house physically and spiritually.
But if you don’t want to throw away the broom you can dip the ? broom inside salty water,

4. Do not borrow anyone your broom to sweep house or shop. Do not also borrow broom from anyone to do same. If you borrow someone your broom by whatever circumstance, don’t use it again, otherwise, you bring bad spiritual energies to your domain. Get another one.

5. Always keep your broom standing vertical resting on the wall and not horizontal resting on the floor. This keeps bad energies away from your house or shop.

6. If you always have bad dreams or you don’t remember your dreams, always keep your broom standing upside down at the back of your door before sleeping.

7. If you eat or sex in dream, always keep some stick of brooms under your pillow then sleep.

8. Whenever you buy new broom and wants to purify it, sprinkle small salt on the floor and use the broom to scatter it, then use it to pack the salt then pour it away.
Have a lovely week!

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