May 23, 2024

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Dr. Kemdi Chino Opara: A Political Maverick or Just Another Contender for Imo State?

Dr. Kemdi Chino Opara: A Political Maverick or Just Another Contender for Imo State?

In a captivating gathering that brought together Imo State’s brightest media personalities, Dr. Kemdi Chino Opara, the visionary CEO and Founder of the Kemdi Chino Opara Foundation (KCOF), showcased his compelling vision for a better Imo State. As the Youth Progressives Party (YPP) candidate for the governorship position, Dr. Opara’s commitment to revitalizing the state was evident as he shared his dynamic five-point agenda with the attending journalists in Owerri.

Imo State has endured a period of economic downturn and heightened insecurity, forcing villagers to abandon their homes. Dr. Opara emphasized the urgency of addressing these pressing issues, declaring, “Imo State is in dire need of change. Bad leadership has plagued our state for too long. Our educational system is in shambles, healthcare is woefully inadequate, and our infrastructure is subpar. We must acknowledge the severity of these challenges.”

Highlighting the need for continuity in governance, Dr. Opara questioned why the 27 general hospitals initiated by former Governor Rochas Okorocha hadn’t seen substantial improvement. He proposed that these healthcare facilities could be the cornerstone of transforming Imo State into a healthcare tourism destination.

Dr. Opara’s commitment to change is unwavering. He stated, “Within the first six months of my administration, local government elections will be conducted. Quality education is paramount, and we will partner with reputable companies to modernize our schools, providing an ideal environment for learning. Moreover, My cabinet will be composed of 75 percent young, dynamic youths.”

Turning his attention to the critical issue of insecurity, Dr. Opara promised decisive action. He pledged, “In response to the alarming insecurity in Imo State, I will declare a state of emergency and deploy every available mechanism. Constructive dialogue will be our path to sustainable peace and security. By engaging aggrieved communities, civil society, and the government, we will create a framework that ensures lasting stability.”

Dr. Kemdi Chino Opara’s meeting with Imo State’s media personalities shows his faith in the media, and we wish him the best…

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