May 15, 2024

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Human Rights Activist Malcolm Omirhobo Calls for Stringent Measures Against Corruption

Human Rights Activist Malcolm Omirhobo Calls for Stringent Measures Against Corruption

Chief Malcolm Omirhobo, a prominent human rights activist and radical lawyer, has advocated for the death penalty as a punishment for government officials involved in embezzling public funds. In an exclusive interview with Rudolf Okonkwo on 90MinutesAfrica, Omirhobo expressed his firm belief that corruption, which he claims is rampant among Nigerian leaders, is a menace that warrants severe consequences.

“I am a proponent of the death sentence. These people should be tied to the stake and shot. They don’t deserve to live. Corruption kills. Nigerians are wasting away due to corruption,” asserted Omirhobo during the interview.

Omirhobo gained attention when he attended a Supreme Court proceeding dressed in traditional African religious attire, symbolizing his stance on religious freedom. He argued that the Supreme Court’s decision on Muslim female students’ right to wear hijab implies that adherents of other religions, including African traditional religion, should have the right to wear their attire to official functions.

Addressing the recent revelations of massive fraud within the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Omirhobo questioned how funds meant to improve the lives of Nigerians could be pocketed by a select few. He emphasized that, in his view, only the death sentence can effectively deter corruption in the country.

While acknowledging that the Nigerian legal system has not evolved enough to abolish the death penalty, Omirhobo argued that such stringent measures are necessary to make people “sit up.” He raised concerns about the wealth accumulation of many Nigerian leaders, both past and present, alleging that they cannot account for their prosperity. Omirhobo concluded by highlighting the need for decisive action to combat corruption and ensure accountability among public officials.

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